West-Michigan Values

No Political Games.

Family and Faith

Family & Faith

Mark currently resides in Walker with his wife, Kris, near the family farm where he was raised as a Christian. He taught the strong work ethic he learned there to his three children, Elaina (Ben), Blake, and Olivia. Mark brings his faith to bear by treating others with Christ’s love and advocating for the lives of the unborn.

Civic Duty

To Mark, public service is about more than the title – it is how he interacts with our community. He has served as a board member of the Salvation Army, the President of the Calvin Christian Schools Foundation, a Cub Scout Leader, and an elder of LaGrave CRC. In each capacity, Mark has served with distinction and brings his principles of public stewardship to work with him in Lansing.

Mark in the community

Community Advocacy

As a life-long resident of Kent County, Mark is keenly aware of what makes West Michigan the best place to work, live, and raise a family. He works every day to be accountable to you, defend our constitutional right & freedoms, and ensure our community prospers into the future..