On The Issues

No Political Games.

Excessive Spending


The federal government's excessive spending is having a direct impact on our families' ability to put food on the table and gas in our vehicles. In my capacity as a Michigan Senator, I am dedicated to lowering costs for working families by providing tax relief and cutting irresponsible spending. I've led initiatives to accomplish this, such as my vetoed legislation to cut taxes on Michigan's businesses, and voted on a number of similar proposals, such as a now-vetoed gas tax holiday.

Protect & Preserve

The Environment

As the Great Lakes State, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our natural resources and environment. We can do this while simultaneously ensuring opportunities for businesses to thrive and meeting the needs of our energy consumption. I have previously served as the Chair of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, where I partnered with environmentalists and businesses to ensure that our state retains its natural beauty while providing avenues for growth.

Constitutional Rights

2nd Amendment

As a hunter and CPL (concealed pistol license) holder myself, I know how important this constitutional right is. I believe in responsible gun ownership, and as such, I dutifully maintain the proper safety procedures and storage requirements for my firearms. I would hope that each person is similarly empowered to utilize their 2nd Amendment rights in the same manner.


Limited Government

Government should be accountable to We the People! We deserve local officials who get results for Kent County and don't overexpand regulations or the size of our government. Competitive, free markets with limited government infringement are the best method of obtaining a strong future for West Michigan.

Modern Society


There are few issues as divisive as abortion in our modern society. I am, and will always be, prolife. While I support the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I am cognizant that there are many in our community who disagree. This determination means that the deciding authority on abortion policy is now our people, the voters, via the Michigan Legislature.

At this critical moment, every American – particularly those in elected office – has an important decision to make: will we seek common ground, or will we worsen the divisions between our people? I believe that we need to focus on what we can agree on: celebrating life, supporting parents, and ensuring each child has a place to call home.

Questions & Answers

Mark Huizenga standing in front of a construction speed limit sign with a dark blue suit and tie

Mark has introduced, cosponsored and partnered on an incredibly wide range of legislative issues. Known as the “Nerd of the Senate”, much of his work has focused on the appropriations process (the state budget). To read about all of his legislation, click here .

House Bill 5286 (now Public Act 52’22)

This legislation allows speed limit signs to include flashing lights that indicate when workers are present on a worksite, along with a digital display to indicate the enforced speed limit. This measure will go a long way in protecting our road workers and informing motorists. When you see one of these signs, think Huizenga!

Michigan Senate Resolution 151 (Adopted)

This measure announced the Michigan Senate’s support for the Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians in their pursuit of Federal Recognition. As co-residents of West Michigan and partners in the future of our region, Mark collaborated with a bipartisan group of legislators to craft and pass this legislation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FD3Gly9cLA&ab_channel=SenatorMarkE.Huizenga

House Bill 4400/4401 (Public Act 81 of 2021)

Mark served as Chair of the Higher Education Subcommittee in the Michigan House of Representatives, wherein he worked to ensure fair funding for our colleges and universities! You can learn more about his legislation on this matter by clicking here.

Find out by inputting your address here: https://www.senate.michigan.gov/fysbyaddress.html

Mark began public office as an appointed member of the Walker Planning Commission. Subsequently, he served as Mayor of Walker and delved headlong into the political arena. He then successfully campaigned for the Michigan House of Representatives, being elected in 2018 and serving until the fall of 2021. After a three-way primary victory, Mark went on to serve in his current capacity as 28th District State Senator.

Throughout his career, Mark worked within the intersection of health, technology, and data management/consulting. His clients and employers ranged from Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids to businesses out West. He still is involved with several of the businesses he played a role in starting, such as Key Green Solutions and Infusion Associates.